The first official Crafty Saturday get together can now be put into the archives but not before we show you what we made together... Angie, Linda, and Rose. We had a great day. It was great being able to spend the weekend with Angie, drinking a few beers and a few glasses of wine while making some pretty cool crafts.  We used wine bottles, tin cans, and Angie and Rose helped me finish my blue jean weath.

 My weath.
I used an old pair of jeans and cut strips and wrapped the weath.
Ok now enter Angie and Rose, they put the finishing touches on my weath...the flowers and bow!
I absolutely love it!

Here are the wind chimes we made. I had already had the bottles cut, we modpodged tissue paper to the outside of the bottle and then for the clappers we used bottle pieces that did not make the cut (it is a great way to use otherwise throw away pieces of glass) and the wine glasses you see behind the chimes are the glasses we drank wine out of, this was kind of our parting gift. They turned out beautifully. Just put a votive in it and you have a nice candle holder.

TIN CAN turned useful again.
Some of the cans we made up...Angie really went to town...she loved both ways I made up the cans. Paint and burlap or lace, and buttons...and paint and graphics mod podged on them...the possibilities are endless!

Ok, the first project Rose did was to cover the inside of this box with orange felt for her son Alex who is also Angies boyfriend. You see when you put your iphone inside the box it magnifies the sound. It turned out really cool and really does magnify the sound.  Project accomplished!

So in ending this blog post here is one more pic of us totally enjoying ourselves and the company we are with.

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