The Rose

Can you believe it! These roses were made from plastic spoons! 
Yep that's right plastic spoons.

I made the one on the right a couple weeks ago and Victoria and I made the other two today.
Since Angie was off visiting friends I got my other daughter to join in Crafty Saturday.
She is quite talented as you can see by the red one she made. We used white spoons for hers and then spray painted it red and left a little white.

materials needed are:
plastic spoons ( we used 12 for each rose)
tea light 
a wood skewer ( for the stem)
felt for the leaves
hot glue gun

  1. First paint the wood skewer green
  2. Next light your tea light
  3. Take a spoon and holding it upside down over the fire, let the plastic get hot so you can mold the bud. Be careful not to get burned due to the plastic getting hot.
  4. Heat the spoon at the point where it curves and then snip with some snips. You have just made your first petal.
  5. With the remaining spoons hold the spoon upright and heat it until you can bend the end of the spoon back slightly. you can also squeeze the spoon a little to make it slightly more curved. 
  6. Snip these petals like you did on the first one.
  7. Ready to assemble the rose now.
  8. Attach the rose bud to the wood skewer with a dab of hot glue and hold in place til it hardens. (be careful not to get burned by the glue) 
  9. Now start gluing the rest of the petals until you have the desired size rose.
  10. With your green felt make some leaves to attach at the bottom of the rose. (This helps hide the glue and also puts the finishing touch on your rose.)

And there you have it! They are truly a beautiful site. They really look real. And no two are going to be the same, just as in nature.
I am so glad Victoria did Crafty Saturday with me it was a lot of fun. She will be heading back to college in a week so it was great to spend the day with her. She also did some really great paintings on a few bottles which we will be posting in a few days so stay tuned.
And we also made some neat can lid magnets to. We really had a productive Crafty Saturday!


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