Well Angie and I are getting ready for the Woodbine Applefest. Being held on Saturday Sept. 27. We are taking the crafts we have been working on over the last several months to the flea market. Please come and see us if you make it to Woodbine, it should be a lot of fun.
                  Above and below are some of our crafts we will have available.

I will add a few more pics in the next few days. What is going to be real special is Angie getting to come home. You see the crafts bring us together not only every Saturday when we do them and talk on the phone a dozen times or more, but us being in the same place is going to be great. So even if you don't need anything come see us we would love to visit. I know Angie would because she doesn't get to come home often.
                                     See ya at the Woodbine Applefest!
                                   Oh Crafty Saturday how I love thee!

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