Hand Stamped Jewelry and Simulated Sea glass pendants.

Angie has been very busy this past week or two, as you can see by the photos above.
 So I decided to post on her behalf.
She got metal stamps for Christmas from Alex (what a guy!) (and what a gal) these are the kind of presents I always liked to get. Forget those personal ones, I liked the ones I could use.
Don't get me wrong personal gifts are great but this kind of gift was always right up my alley.

She has been making and putting these little gems on our Etsy Shop   CraftySaturday

The gift I got for Christmas was a rock tumbler. I had one years ago when the girls were little and we cranked out some really nice rocks back then.

I was needing some glass pieces for the bottom of my wine bottle windchimes. So I thought why not put my broken pieces of wine bottles through a rock tumbler to take off the sharp edges. and I have some great pieces now for the bottom of my chimes.

Well Angie decided she would like some of those pieces to make some pendants.
I sent her quite a few pieces with holes drilled in them by me, and using her creativity she has come up with some really nice pieces.
Hope you enjoyed the pics. Any questions please email us.

Oh Crafty Saturday How I love Thee!!

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