White Barns show Spring 2017

Well we had our show at the White Barns June 2-3. It was a success. We even camped out in my suburban one night. It was great when the show was done for the day we kicked back and enjoyed the evening with a couple drinks to relax and visit about the day.


I think our display was very nice and people friendly. Not to mention the barn was beautiful. It was a little warm at times. 
Angie had her stamping stuff set up so she could stamp bracelets right there. People would order them and tell her what they wanted on them and she would proceed to stamp away. Some stayed to watch her create their bracelet others left for 30 minutes or so and come back to a finished bracelet. It was something we had not done before and I think it worked out quite nicely.

I had been working on wood pallet signs and and so this was our setup for them. I also made what we called "Jar on wood" They were a nice hit. They are the jars you see hanging there with flowers in them. One woman bought one and said she was going to put it in her bathroom to put toothbrushes in.
The box in the center of the pic is Angies' stamping box filled with all her stamping stuff. We had several people ask us if it was for sale. It was a perfect eye catcher, I guess you could say intriguing to some. And while she was stamping we had people come up and watch her.

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