Well in previous posts, ( Aug., Sept., and Oct. of 2017) you saw how we re did the outside of our house. In May of 2018 I started to redo the inside of the house.
 I originally was just going to do our bedroom. You see Bill was in Arizona helping his mom and dad. I wanted to get the house back to how it was. I decided to start the redo on my own. I started by pulling up some of the carpet to see what was underneath. We had layed carpet up there 28 years ago, I cold not remember what the floors looked like. We we not using the upstairs at that time. Once we got the carpet up there we started using the upstairs bedrooms (our family was growing, we had 2 children by then) 

As you can see I was really disappointed to see that the floors were painted blue. But with the help of my daughter, Victoria , we got the rest of the carpet up and out of there. There was no turning back now. I also had the help of my sister, with their help we cleared out the bedroom. Ok what do I do next.

First I tried taking the paint off the floor with paint remover. It did a pretty good job except for an area right in the middle of the floor, it was a square about 6 feet by 6 feet. I don't know what was on the floor but paint remover would not touch it. Ok in steps my brother-in-law (He does construction for a living) I asked him to give me some advice about sanding the floor. I rented a floor sander and he helped me sand the floor.

Yep that's me sanding the floors. And let me tell you it is not as easy as it looks. You have to be very careful not to let the machine stand is one spot to long or it will really leave a deep groove in the floor. Now don't get me wrong it was really satisfying knowing I did it. I think they turned out beautifully. Just look below.

Next post I will be putting up pictures of my finished bedroom.  I am so in love with how it turned out. Oh and since I was really loving our bedroom I decided I was not going to stop here.  Iam doing the dining room and living room also. I thought why stop at just the bedroom! 

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