Funky Junk-A-Loo!!!

Oh my gosh Angie and I had such a great time at the 1st annual Funky Junk-A-Loo in Waterloo Iowa March 28-29. There were so many people that first day it was quite overwelming. Bill did such an amazing job fixing a frame to hang our new sign. It just really made a huge difference in our presence there.
Here is a picture of just some of the people there the first day. And the second day was just as good just a little more spread out. We sold a lot of items, but what was truly amazing were the stories behind a lot of our sales.

We had a young boy come in and buy a necklace for his mother who was not any where around. A woman bought a washer pendant for a friend of hers that she said does a lot for her and lets her stay with her when she is in town. The saying was "Hippie at heart." now that was destined for her! another gal bought a pendant that said "Unicorns are Real". She said she dealt with young kids and one question she would ask them is what their favorite animal was, and then they would ask her and she always said Unicorns. Some of the kids thought that was cool, others told her Unicorns aren't real. So you see that necklace was perfect for her!

Making things is what we love to do. But even more are the people we meet and the stories they share.
We made some great connections this past weekend and are super excited to really let this craft thing soar.

Oh Crafty Saturday How I Love Thee!!!

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