2nd annual Funky Junk-a-loo! Success!

It has been quite a while since we have posted on our blog. But life has been so busy for the both of us. But we are back on to stay. hope you join us. It should be fun!

We had so much fun this year. and it was made extra special by having my other daughter, Angie's sister there with us. She was a great help, as I don't do well with the square credit card thing. So I was in charge of taking cash and they were in charge of taking credit.

A few pictures to let you see the fun and joy we had this year.
that's Victoria and I

Angie manning the checkout table. (She refinished this old record holder but decided it was to cute to part with, I think it is a great addition to our set up)
the sisters having a good time. They don't get to see each other often so that was another special treat for us.

Yes that is me having a little fun before the mayhem started.

Here are some pics of our setup!

We delved into some new areas this year....Sewing and candle making.
Now I have sewed since I was in school ( just a few years ago tehehe)
But Angie started to sew this year without any real training, just what she learned on her own and I think she does wonderful work.

We got to see some returning venders that we met last year
 and a whole lot of new ones as the show doubled in size.
The people of Waterloo did a fantastic job with this show.

Please check us out at www.craftysaturday.etsy.com 
and our facebook page at www.craftysaturday.facebook.com

Two beautiful gals I got to spend time with! Love you both so much!

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