Funky Junk #3!!

     Well we went back to the funky junk-a-loo for the third year. Had a great time.  Saw old friends and made new ones.
     The really great thing about craft fairs are the relationships that are made and the stories we hear.
One lady bought one of Angies' necklaces and was so emotional, you see her daughter is fighting breast cancer and she saw the necklace and said it was perfect for her. Another lady bought a necklace I made out of an old bobbin which had some charms on it. She also had a daughter-in-law fighting breast cancer and the charms on this necklace were perfect. So you see it is not just about making things and selling them, we get to enrich and help people on the way. And that is so rewarding.    
     That being said here are a few pics of our set up. Our setup over these past few years have really evolved. Just look back at our first show Funky-Junk-a-loo and you will see how far we have come. We just keep expanding and I think, getting better.
     We still make jewelry, Angie makes a lot of baby blankets, bibs, burp clothes and baby booties. I make few bibs burp clothes and booties.
     Now remember we live on opposite sides of the state so we face time a lot and decide on different things to try. Angie loves making jewelry and baby things and I love working with wood. Its perfect.

Still making jewelry



Cute little coffee mug holder. Angie has one hanging in her kitchen

magnets and painted cans are still on our list

love these jar sconces!

We purchased a silhouette cameo in January. Unfortunately the day before it came in the mail I was in an auto accident and all I could do when I got out of the hospital was look at it.
But once I was on the mend I started exploring and with several mistakes was finally on my way to making wood signs. I love and have always loved sayings. So this was a perfect outlet for me.
       I use mostly pallet boards with the exception of some plywood. We live on a farm and my husband was in the construction business so we have boards galore around the farm. And yes when we are out and about I am always on the lookout for pallets. Bill is a big help in that he cuts the pallets up for me. And puts up with the dining table and such being a little messy at times.

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