Paper Wreath

Ok, I have been working on this little piece for a while now. It was quite time consuming. And here is why.
First I had to decide how I wanted to put the paper pieces together. I tried one way thought it was quite heavy so I took it apart and went a different route.
Here is what I did.

Took a wire hanger and pulled and stretched until I had a circle shape, Made a cut in the frame so I could put my pieces of paper on it.

Took some old manuals from my job and tore out the pages.

Took those pages and cut them into squares about 4"x 4"

I then tea stained each paper by soaking them in a bowl of tea.

To dry them faster I put them in the oven ( this process took quite a while due to the number of pieces I had) ( and believe me I had a lot of pieces.)

After they were dry I folded them in half and punched a hole in the middle of the folded piece.
 ( another part of the process of the making of this wreath that took a little time)

Next came the fun part. I started to string them on my wire frame. Now at first it didn't look like much. But I kept stringing them on and it finally started to look like a wreath. So I kept going.

When I had it completely full I hooked the frame together to complete the circle.

Then came the final touch! A bow! I made it so I could change it out with different color bows if I wish.

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