Sister Stool!!

Here are the two drawers I started with. I found them at my sisters 
in a big shed she was cleaning out. They didn't belong to anything, so we gave 
them a new life otherwise they would have been fire wood. How sad would that have been. 
They would soon be "sister stools". And a place to store things.
Victoria and I  sanded and cleaned up the drawers(they were pretty dirty and oily)

We had some 4x4 chunks of wood laying around,
 which was just what I wanted for the chunky legs.
As in the picture this is Angie's stool. We distressed it with some white paint. 
With Victoria's stool we just stained it and put poly on it. I had my dad cut plywood for the tops.

We used foam on the top and wrapped material and stapled it to the under side.
We screwed the legs on from the inside of the drawer. We could have put piano hinges on
 the backside so lid would just lift up, but chose not to. 

The pictures above are the first stool we made for Angie
The ones below are pictures of Victoria's stool. 
They are basically the same but different just like my girls.

Victoria and I finished this second stool while she was back for Christmas vacation. 

So here ya go my sister stools, one for Angie and one for Victoria!

This is the first stool we made for Angie. Yep that is my dad in the middle. Couldn't have made this without him. Plus it just put more meaning into the making of the stools. That's me on the left and Victoria on the right. We had fun making these stools. Crafting has always been a part of my life and my girls too. So glad they enjoy as much as I do.

I did find one more of those drawers, so you guessed it, I am going to make one for myself!

Oh Crafty Saturday how I love thee!

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