Living Room Porch Redo

Ok,  2nd installment---Living Room Porch.

The living room porch really started to deteriorate due to the roof rotting. The guys braced up the roof, basically tore it off and replaced it. The posts were replaced and Harold even made the roof bend around like the original. They put all new flooring on the porch and the ceiling of the porch was redone with vinyl. 
They even put lattice around the bottom to keep out critters or an occasional dog (namely Bubba our sheepdog) from going under it. He has now found refuge in the house when it storms. Since he has gotten older he is not real fond of storms. Well I think he has earned a little house time.
As you can see by the pictures it has made a great improvement. So much so that we even sit on the porch again and enjoy what nature has to offer. We have several hummingbird feeders out and have really enjoyed sitting and watching those cute little birds. I think I am obsessed with them now.  
I am in love with the wrap around steps. Which were there in the beginning. I am going to try and find a picture from when she was young.

This is Bubba's mom Zoe under the porch. Apparently it was cool and shady under there plus I couldn't get to them to put flea and tick stuff on them. Smart dog, that Zoe! We miss her but we do still have Bubba!

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