Kitchen Porch redo

OK  so this isn't quite a craft post but I am so excited to share what is happening to our house. You see this house has been in my husbands family since they built it around 1908. I love this house, it sits out in the country and we are trying to get it back to the way it was when it was built. We have replaced all the windows in it over a span of several years. The last 4 are being put in this week. The windows downstairs are 72" long and the ones upstairs are 64" long.

We have lived here for 30 years. Before that my in-laws had renters in here which did the house no good except having people living in the house.

We have raised all four of our children here ( our oldest is now 30 the youngest just turned 24). It is great to have this big old gem for the kids to come back to. Bedrooms have changed a bit but there is plenty of room for everyone. Since we have been married we have always had Thanksgiving at our house. All our family always come to celebrate and we have always had plenty of room. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday because it is about family and friends gathering and enjoying a great meal.

I grew up in town so when I came to live in the country it was kind of frightening. I can't imagine ever living in town again. I love being in the country. We have raised sheep, chickens, goats and even had rabbits. Now you can't do any of this living in town. I have always loved animals. Maybe that is why I have worked at our local vet clinic for the past 20 years.

Here is the kitchen porch redo. The porch hasn't always looked this bad but over the years and lack of funds have prevented us from doing what is right for this house. So glad my father-in-law is helping to put this wonderful old gem back to its true glory. He to spent a lot of time in this old house as a young boy.


As you can see she really needed some help. 
It is a work in progress but slowly we will bring her back.
I absolutely love the big sidwalk that was added.
Oh on a side note the kitty you see is one of our felines that likes to spend most of her time outside. She  loves to help Bill while he is  out working on the house.

It is so sad to me when I see big old houses deteriorating with no one to fix and love them again.
 This will never happen to this house ever again. She is just to beautiful!
Hope you enjoy! Please stop back soon I will posting our big porch redo next. 
So excited to show everyone.

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