Wedding sign

This summer I was asked to make a sign welcoming people to a wedding reception. 
I was touched that she wanted me to make it. 
I love how it turned out.

I had a piece of plywood 2 1/2' wide by I think 3 1/2' long., maybe longer.
(I better figure it out because I am making one for my daughter and her fiance!) I am truly excited for that one. 

So to begin with I came up with the design on my silouette cameo.

Ok next I cut it out and put the design on my board that I sanded and stained. I had to use a tape measure to make sure and get everything centered.. I think it came out pretty good.
Then the fun part came as I painted in the stencil. First I used modpodge to paint over the stencil to kind of seal the edges. After it dried for an hour i used the color of my choice which was white and painted over the stencil again. 

Then after it was dried really well I was able to take off the stencil and below is the result.

I love how it turned out and so did the bride and groom. They sat it outside before you walked into the reception to welcome people. The bride had her florist add some floral details to it.
Can't wait to make something a little like this for my daughter!

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