Firecrackers turned into Snowmen

Ok this post is a little late but it has a great story.
You see back in June of 2017 my daughter and I were suppose to participate in a craft fair in our home town for our 150 year celebration.
We had decided to do a live demonstration in which the participants would be making the item we were demonstrating, something to celebrate the 4th of July. I went to our local lumber yard and purchased quite a few 2x2x8 foot boards. We purchased some  wood stars on etsy, (check out our etsy shop if you care to right here),
We had decided to make a set of firecrackers that anyone could make even children, and something we could complete in our 1 hour time limit.

Well we couldn't proceed because Angie got a migraine headache. So in the end we had a whole bunch of 2x2's .

Fast forward to November and Angie coming up with a plan for all of those 2x2's.

We had a couple craft shows coming Late November early December. Angie decided to take 3 of the 2x2's and make snomen. She painted the boards white and then painted faces on them.
She added little hats and matching scarves.

I had quite a few of the boards , so I decided to make some also.
 I asked my 84 year old dad if he would paint the boards white.
I think he really enjoyed it. He doesn't get to make to many things anymore. He used to be my go to guy when I needed things for my crafts. He has kind of slowed up in the last few years, so I think he really enjoyed.

I love how they turned out. Not to mention we got to use up all the wood we had cut up.
Oh and the wood stars got a new life also. Angie modpodged sheet music she printed from the computer and made Christmas ornaments from them.

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