Soy Wax Melts

We have started making wax melt tarts to sell at our craft shows 
and also on our  CraftySaturday etsy shop.

We both had quite a bit of soy wax from a previous craft we had done. We bought a bunch of old teacups and saucers and made soy candles in them. After making quite a few soy candles in the cups we still had a lot of wax left over, so Angie had suggested that we make wax tarts. Excellant idea Angie! We used up all of our wax and had to buy more. We have been doing quite well with them, not to mention we both like to use them ourselves.

It has been fun making them and experimenting with the different scents available.
These are the scents we have been using so far.

When I was a kid I made all sorts of candles so this felt natural to me. I had my own little candle making space in our basement. I would spend hours in our basement making all sorts of different candles. So making these wax melts just seemed natural to me. I love making them and sharing them.

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