Mouse Trap Note Holder

Hi, everyone!
Hope all is well. I can`t wait for spring! I am tired of winter, we have had a very cold winter, more cold than snow around here. But this weather does seem to give me more time for crafting so that is a plus.

This week I decided to do a little something I saw on pinterest(again..I am addicted to pinterest). I had Bill buy me some mouse traps he also bought a rat trap. At first he couldn't understand why I needed mouse traps when we already had some (used of course)

So anyway this is what I did. First remove the parts of the trap as I have done in the picture below. Now the real fun begins.

  • I took some scrap book paper and cut it to size. Actually I cut it into two pieces so I could fit it around the parts of trap that are still intact.
  •  I then used my trusty mod podge (I just couldn't do much without it, have I told you how much I love mod podge) to glue it to the mousetrap.
  •  Let it dry for awhile.
  •  I then took a piece of sandpaper and sanded the edges so there was no paper around the edges.
  •  OK take your mod podge and coat it, let dry and coat it again.
  •  I then bought some cheap fake flowers and used my glue gun (another tool I can't live without) and glued my flowers on.
  •  I also put a few drops of hot glue in the corner just to add a little something something.
  • Then I added a couple magnet strips on the back

And there you have it! A cute, quick and cheap little note holder.

Oh craft Saturday how I love thee!

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