Spring Wreath

I love making wreaths, they make for a great gift or a nice decoration to switch out each season!
This Saturday I decided to make a spring wreath because we all want spring to be here! We have had a sneak peak of spring weather this past week, so I thought it would be fitting. As I was making this wreath it started to snow, yes that's right, SNOWING in the middle of March! That didn't stop me from completing my spring time wreath!
What you'll need: Straw wreath, yarn, glue gun, felt, glass beads and scissors.
 (the party bird is optional)

Step one: wrap the entire wreath with the yarn.
Step two: begin to make the felt flowers and hot glue them where you think looks best.
Step three:Attach the party bird (optional)
Step four: hang it up!

The felt flowers
I'll show a quick guide to make the felt flowers, I took pictures of each step I took to make them. (I made three different types of the felt flowers, I only have picture tutorials for 2)

How to make little rose bud felt flowers
(sorry for the color change haha)
Sunburst felt flower
(again, sorry for the color change)
PARTY BIRD! (optional)

Happy crafting!!

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