Wedding gift

I am in the process of making a wedding gift for my sister to give as a gift.
It is going to be a wood sign using my silhouette cameo.

But before I show the final project I have to give a brief background of me getting my machine.

 I ordered my machine first week in January. I unfortunately was in a car accident a few days after I ordered it. I was in the hospital for 4 days and came home in a back brace ( I had fractured my 4 lumbar vertebrae) Need less to say I couldn't do much for several weeks. I got my machine while I was in the hospital, got home and could only look at it. It was very depressing to  see it there and not being able to do anything but look and think of all the things I was going to do with it.

Well after several weeks I finally took it out of the box and began to explore what this little machine can do. It is so much fun making designs on my computer.
Here are a few I have done.

Ok so here are the steps in which I make my signs.

First I decide what fonts I want to use and cut them out on my silhouette cameo.
I lay them out on my board and get the placement the way I want. I use painters tape to mark where each word is to be placed.

I had to do some layering on this sign so I did the heart first. I painted it and also set up my last name on the board. When I get the contact paper on the board and stuck down I do 2 thin layers of mod podge to seal the edges of the word or shape, whatever you are going to be stenciling. This helps to prevent bleed through. I then do 2 thin layers of paint for the stenciling.

After the heart was done and I peeled off the contact paper and I layered the names on top of the heart and went through the same process. In the picture below you can see the heart is complete and also the last name.

This picture you can see how I layered the names over the heart.

I then proceeded to mod podge and then stencil the names and other elements of my sign.
The real fun part is when you have done all the painting and impatiently waited for it to dry. I then get to peel off the contact paper and see how well I sealed the edges and painted the stencil.

And here is my finished sign!
I added a black frame around it and also drilled two holes in board to wire a jar on it for flowers.

Hope you enjoyed my little process. These signs are so fun to make. It is a new surprise with every new sign.
Please check us out on our etsy store for more of my signs.

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