Clothespin Magnets

I love clothespins!
For this craft I bought a pack of 40 clothespins from the Dollar Tree for of course.... 1$!
I bought them not knowing what to use them for but just had to have them. While on Pinterest I found these sweet little magnets made from clothespins! So I decided to try them out.
What you'll need: wooden clothespins, scrapbook paper, mod podge, buttons, hot glue gun, sand paper.
I first measured and cut out the scrapbook paper to fit on top of the clothes pins. Painted a layer of mod podge onto the top of the clothespin to adhere the scrapbook paper. After about 30 minutes I used sand paper to smooth the edges and get rid of excess scrapbook paper. Glued magnets to the back of the clothes pins and there you have it! Super cute clothespin magnates, great for gifts or cluttering up you're own fridge!  

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