Craft Caddy

Don't throw away those cans! This is a great use of cans that can help you organize your crafting area. 
All you need is cans, scrapbook paper, modpodge and a little help from your husband (in my case anyway) to put this all together.

I started collecting all those can that I would otherwise take to the recycle bin. Picked out some coordinating scrapbook paper and cut to fit the cans. I glued the paper on the cans and coated them with a couple layers of modpodge. (Oh how I love modpodge)

Next came the help of my wonderful husband Bill. I had marked the placement of my smaller cans on this bigger can. So Bill proceeded to drill holes in the big can. Then he took the small ones and held them up to the bigger can and marked where the holes would go and drilled holes in those also.

He took the pop rivot tool and attached the small cans to the larger can. 

And there you have it. My little storage unit for all those small tools we use over and over. I plan on purchasing a small lazy susan to set this on so I can just spin it and really have my tools at my fingertips.

Oh craft Saturday how I love thee!

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