Coffee Filter Flowers!

Well you gotta love coffee filters!  We saw these on pinterest of course.  First we dyed the filters as we did in our previous post .."Coffee filter weath."
We used 6 filters for each flower. Take 3 filters and fold in half,  and again, and again, and again. When you have it folded take your scissors and cut as we did in the picture. Cut the first three filters a little shorter than the next three.  

Put the 6 filters together with the shorter ones on top of your pile. Fold them in half and scrunch it up a little so when you staple it, it looks somewhat like the picture. Spread the filters out again as much as possible and then this is where the real fun happens. Take the inside filter and pinch it towards the middle. Keep bringing up each filter to the next and scrunch against the filter before.   

When you get all done with all layers you will have what looks like a peony. We attached a wire to our flowers so we could use them in a flower arrangement as you will see in the photos below.

Used a real cool wire to make the stems of these flowers. It is super pliable. Think it adds a really nice touch to the flowers.

These flowers are the ones my mom made. Also note the vase she has them in.  Yep it is the vase from a previous post. "Tin Cans turned vase/storage container."
And the picture of the bride is her mother. Looks really nice together. 

I would have to say it was another successful Craft Saturday with a little twist in that mom and I did the same craft. Super fun to talk off and on all day with the progress of each.
As mom says- Oh Craft Saturday how I love thee!

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