Tin Can Storage Container/Vase

This is my take on something I saw on pinterst from artsychicksrule.com. I think mine turned out pretty nice. I first started saving all those tin cans we usually throw in the recycle bin, which is a good idea but this is even nicer where as I am making something useful and pretty.

 Once I decided which cans I was going to use I painted the outside of them with a couple coats of craft paint. I just used a couple of colors I had laying around.

 Then came the fun part, picking the pictures out that I wanted on the front of the can. I went to graphicsfairy.com, they have an array of graphics you can download for free. It is an awesome sight you should check it out.
Ok when I had my pictures printed out I tore them apart. The tearing added to the antique vintage look I was going for.
I glued the pictures on the can by coating the back of the picture with modpodge, attached the pictures to the can and then coated the whole can with modpodge.

To distress them or in other words make them look vintage I used some stain I had and wiped it all over the can then wiped them down. I think you could use craft paint watered down also, but I didn't have any brown so I used what I had. I let that dry for awhile and then I used modpodge again and painted a couple of coats of that all over the can, this will waterproof and protect the outside.

And there you have it! My version of turning tin cans into treasure!

I only wish I had some flowers to put in one to show how nice they look but it is freezing here and probably would not make the trip home from the store.
Oh Craft Saturday how I love thee!

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