Coasters Anyone

About a week before Christmas this year all of our children were home ( that does not happen very often anymore since they are all grown now and starting their own lives) and we do cherish our time together.
Well as you would guess we decided to have a craft Saturday (naturally). Our craft of the day was coasters.
I had a box of 4 x 4 tiles that I had originally bought to redo our kitchen table but that never happened and so these tiles had been sitting around for a few years at least. I also had a huge collection of scrapbook paper I had purchased mostly from ebay.  I just started buying and couldn't help myself. Now I had used some of the paper for other crafts but this was going to be a great use of the paper.

We set up on our dining table and proceeded to kind of have an assembly line of sorts. Oh and we also incorporated a little cheer into all this fun with wine for a few and a beer for the others. We used modpodge to glue the paper onto the tiles and let them dry a bit. Next came the least fun of the project...sanding the edges. Although by the next picture you can see that we did have a little fun with this part to. Thats Angie and I sanding and laughing. I so cherish the time I get to spend with our kids.

After sanding the edges off we put at least 2 or 3 layers of modpodge on top to seal the coasters. We used a rubber mesh for the back. Here again I had this in a drawer somewhere. I had bought it to line my cupboards and had quite a bit left over. So there you have it, a quick and inexpensive coaster that makes a great gift. We used ribbon and tied  4 of them in a pack and gave them as gifts. Of course we kept a few for ourselves.

 We had alot of Christmas themed paper that I think turned out really nice. We also made some all occasion sets to. All in all I think it was a success on so may levels.

You see even the boys got in on all the fun we were having. Although they made a different type of coaster but that is for another post later.  Sorry I got a little winded in this post but it truly was so much fun having everyone home and crafting together. Time well spent. Crafting is good for the soul. And if you can use things laying around your house all the better. Happy Crafting Everyone!

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