Fantabulous Flipflop Storage Idea

I am sure just about everyone has several pairs of flipflops or sandals or have a daughter that owns several dozen! ( I know my girls do). Well this is a super easy and functional craft project. The ones I made didn't cost me anything, I had most of the stuff around and got my hangers from a friend. You can pump several of these out in less than an hour. What takes the longest is letting the glue dry on any embellishments you add to it..

What you will need for this is as follows.
wire hangers(mine were free from a friend) (pretty sure dry cleaners have these also).
scrapbook paper or ribbon- I used a piece of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper and cut a 2" strip. You will have plenty of paper letft over to make 5 more.
glue stick
elmers glue if you choose to add an embellishment to the front.
tin snips  I used my husbands
needle nose pliers or craft pliers

First clip bottom of hanger off and then curls the ends as in the picture. Don't get rid of those pieces you cut off. I have a craft project using those and leftover coffee filters from Angies coffee filter weath!! It will be fun and pretty.

Then comes the hardest part. You need to bend wire into little horseshoe shapes on each side. Try to get both sides as uniform as possible. After you get the wire how you like you can wrap the paper around and glue in place. I decided to add an embellishment to mine but is not necessary, I think they are cute either way.

Below are a few of my finished little hangers. I think I will have to make a few more, I have 2 daughters after all.

Remember don't throw those pieces of the hangers out. This was a fun and super easy craft, done in just an afternoon. Oh Craft Saturday how I love thee!

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