Coffee Filter Wreath

This was very easy to make, just time consuming!
What you'll need
-Coffee Filters (I would say at least 300)
-Acrylic Paint
-Freshly made coffee
-Hot Glue gun (low temp)
-Straw Wreath (purchased mine from Hobby Lobby for 5$)
-Cookie sheets/large pan
On this craft Saturday I first started by brewing a 12 cup pot of coffee. I poured myself a cup and then poured the rest into a large bowl to use for dye. Dip each filter into the bowl of coffee and place onto a cookie sheet or large pan. You can squeeze out the excess coffee after the filters have dried a little. Continue to repeat this until you have dyed all of your coffee filters. Once you're done dying the filters coffee color you can use acrylic paint and water to make other dyes. I used red (turned the filters pink) and teal.
I used plastic glove to ensure my hands did not turn red

It might take a while for your filters to dry, took mine about 30 minutes. (I sped things up with a blow dryer, because I'm impatient) After the filters are dried you can start to fold them and attach them to the straw wreath with hot glue.

Step 1: Flatten out the filter.
Step 2: Folder the filter in half.
Step 3: Fold the filter in half again.
Step 4: You're done

Periodically step back and look at the wreath to make sure fullness is even.

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