Pallet shelf #1


Ok here it goes. I am making my first pallet project. I saw one like the one I am attempting on Pinterest. It is for my daughter.
First I had to talk my husband into helping me cut the pallet to my specifications with his saw. Hopefully he will let me try my hand at the saw for my next project but for now I need him. I am making a shelf. We cut the shelf and then had to cut a piece for the bottom of the shelf. So far so good.

Now comes the hard part sanding and more sanding.

Once I sanded it to my liking I stained the entire thing with some stain we had laying around. I think it turned out pretty nice. I used a rag to put it on and then wiped it off. It was just an old rag so into the garbage dumpster it went when I was finished.
I then used polyurethane to finish it and give it a shine.

We had these hooks laying around so I put one on each side to hang scarves or what ever. Angie has the shelf now and I think she is going to add a few knobs to the front of it. When she finishes it we will put a picture of the finished piece on here.

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