Footstool/Storage bin made from a drawer


 Ok so over college Christmas break my daughter Victoria and I made a cute footstool/storage bin to give to my other daughter Angie who you will see also likes to do crafts.  I saw this project on pinterest from a great lady with Beyond the Picket Fence and decided to give it a try. I don't think it turned out to bad for our first one. I had this old dirty oil stained drawer and decided it was perfect for this project.

        The first thing we did was clean it up and sand it a little...OK alot. We needed legs for it so we went scavenging around the farm and found some 4 x 4 's and I had my husband cut 4 legs 6" long. Now they were pretty weather worn so we sanded these a bit. I liked the worn look so we didn't do a whole lot of sanding. The next thing we did was brush some cream colored paint on the outside of drawer and on the legs.

         After the paint dried we sanded again. Just randomly took off some of the paint until we liked the look. Next came the stain. This was fun because the stain really brought out the grain of the wood and the paint that was left began to really make the piece worn and unique looking. On the inside of the drawer we just stained it. The bottom of the drawer was made from bead board and overall the inside took the stain beautifully.
         We used polyurathane on the drawer and legs and boy did it really start to come alive. My husband was again asked to help us by screwing the legs to the bottom of the drawer. So far so good! Next came a step I have never attempted...putting a foam padding on the lid...for our first time I think it came out great. We will change a few things on our next one but that is all in the learning process I guess. Oh we had also stained and poly'd the underside of the lid, added two pieces of board to the underside so the lid would not slide.

   So there you have it, our first drawer turned stool. That's me on the left, my dad in the middle and my daughter Victoria on the right. Ok we started it on Saturday and finished it on Monday but only because we had to let things dry and mainly because we had never done anything like this before but I think it turned out really nice. It made it to Angie on the other side of the state a few weeks later and she really liked it so I guess that is the main thing and it gives me the confidence to try other things.
        Oh craft Saturday how I love thee!!

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